Assembled,the Superhero League of the Seven Frogs!

There are a total of 1000 NFT in the world.

1. Payment is needed

The starting price is $1000 USDT, and for every 100 NFT sold, the price rises by $100 USDT. To convert to the U standard pricing, the system converts from $SUPE real-time price to U standard price instantly.

2. Purchase the blind box and you will claim one of the NFT listed below at random.

3. Additional 10% of GameBox's daily play-to-earn output. The NFT card's energy worth equals the capacity value of all NFT cards sold on the platform. Rewards will be automatically sent to your Treasury Box every day at 24:00!

4. A 365-day pay rebate is expected.

By owning the NFT card, you will claim 1/365 of the total SUPE you paid when purchasing to your Treasury Box every day! After a year, the distribution will be ended. The NFT can be exchanged on the open market after a year.

5. Purchase instructions for the Seven Frogs Superhero NFT:

Energy value description: Rich Frog and Iron Frog have an energy value of 1; Cowboy Frog and Pirate frog have an energy value of 2; Space Frog has an energy value of 3. Saint Frog has an energy value of 4๏ผ›Elder Frog has an energy value of 5.

The probability of acquiring Rich Frog,Iron Frog, Cowboy Frog, Pirate Frog, Space Frog, Saint Frog, and Elder Frog per purchase is 20%, 20%, 15%, 15%, 12%, 12%, and 6%, respectively.

The SUPE you paid for NFT will be refunded to you in full over the course of a year, at a rate of 1/365 every day. One year following the date of purchase, the NFT can be freely sold.

For the time being, NFT cannot be directly used in the NFT games, but by owning it you can directly benefit from an extra 10% of GameBox's daily total play-to-earn production for the gold pool.

6. Special note: The ratio of the energy value of the number of NFT you own to the energy value of all NFT sold on the platform determines the proportion of daily sharing play-to-earn rewards! Only real-time NFT sales are counted. NFTs that have not been sold are not counted. So the sooner you purchase, the happier you will be.The Seven Frogs Superhero NFT can be used in any third party NFT games! This is NFT's inherent nature.

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