Project introduction& Benefits

Project introduction

The early chaotic period of NFT games has come to an end, and a new era of platformization, high-quality and globalization is coming. Embracing the new era, SUPE Infinity NFT gaming platform provides practical and effective solutions to the NFT gaming industry, and makes a wonderful appearance globally. We offer a unified API with Infinite possibilities. SUPE provides a unified API to add NFT game mode to existing games, allowing any game to be changed into NFT game, entering the parallel world of web3.0 without changing its current state. We are the pioneer of the industry around the globe.

Project Benefits

SUPE Infinity platform directly upgrades Axie Infinity's product into an open NFT gaming platform structure, allowing any game to be evolved into an NFT game without changing its current state. Simultaneously, Supe Infinity directly upgraded' product to an open decentralized and centralized game platform, which not only supports the linkage between NFT and NFT games, but also supports the in-depth game experience by purchasing in-game goods such as game props with digital assets in the game. We are even more proud to announce that we have become the first NFT gaming platform on GateChain, and the only NFT gaming platform that has launched strategic cooperation with GameChain to be released soon.

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