How to play StepG

About StepG. APP

Supe Inifinity is an open NFT game platform. Our mission is to polish and vitalize all the games cooperate with us.

StepG is the latest Move-to-earn game created by Supe Infinity, aiming to create a Web3.0 sports platform. StepG is the only token of the platform. (STEPG is a MeMe token integrated with governance, move to earn and consumption)

The prospect of StepG. App

From Axie Infinity's play to earn to StepN's move to earn, these are the current industry trends that have inspired the enthusiasm of the global Web3.0 market. Based on differentiated competition and starting from the creation of a Web3.0 sports platform, StepG.App started to innovate and counterattack, and has brought a new experience to the Web3.0 market through the existing cooperation with GameBox.

At present, STEPN is a pioneer and leader in the move to earn field. Under the move to earn trend it created, StepG.App leverages the momentum of move to earn, and adopts a completely different innovative product concept to create a web3.0 move to earn platform.

The StepG Tokenomics

StepG is the only Token in StepG. APP, integrated with governance, move to earn and consumption.

There is no upper limit for output and destruction of StepG Token. Dynamic adjustment of move to earn economic model will be expected as soon as the StepG.App is launched with complete fucntions.

StepG output mechanism

STEPG output mechanism: The current STEPG output can only be achieved through the exchange of Happy Points, as well as the output from various functions in the STEPG move to earn App.

STEPG destruction mechanism:

Every on-chain transaction will subtract 1/1000 of the transaction amount to be transferred to the black hole for destruction. All STEPG consumed in the STEPG move to earn App will be directly transferred into the black hole and destroyed.

The value of STEPG token comes from the application of various functions in the StepG.App sports platform, such as sneakers wear repair, sneakers upgrade, card slot unlocking, gem purchase, gem synthesis, gem upgrade, sports equipment purchase, etc. These are real usage needs in various functional application scenarios. At the same time, STEPG also represents the governance of the StepG.App sports platform and the meme culture of the web3.0 sports platform.

We are committed to building the world's first web3.0 sports platform, and thoroughly activate the integration of STEPG governance, move to earn and consumption.


STEPG output and consumption are dynamically balanced in real time, the regular consumption will be greater than the output, and the overall control is that the annual output is a slight increase of 20% of the initial circulation supply.

Detailed description of STEPG output mechanism

The higher the score obtained by the users, the more sports profit they will get, and the STEPG reward can be claimed 24 hours after the real-time sports video is released.

After each sports video of the user is released, all users can score and get STEPG rewards within 24 hours. The amount of STEPG rewards obtained (set according to the single output of each sports) is divided by everyone.

The output of StepG from independent sports functions

Take the sneaker project as an example:

STPEG sneakers will generate profit of STEPG token every day with the goal of the number of walking steps finished. After the gemstones are embedded in the sneakers, each gemstone inlaid will generate STEPG tokens with the goal of steps finished every day.

Detailed description of STEPG consumption mechanism

  1. Purchasing NFT of the sports games

You can only use StepG to buy most of the NFT at StepG platform. All the consumptions of StepG will be transffered in the blackhole for destruction directly.

Now we provide these functions at StepG: Sneakers, Smiley Photo Wall, Yoga mat, push-up cheering squad, Exercise rings, Skipping rope. By using these NFT, you can join us and start move to earn journey!

2. Upgrading: Eg. Sneakers

A. Upgrade sneakers, unlock each slot, and you can inlay the gems

Sneakers at StepG are the most important competency of the game and gems are additions. Every gem on your sneakers has a yield with the goal finished everyday and will be deposit directly in your Treasury Box.

B. Gem synthesis at StepG: Level 1

Gem synthesis of the same or different colors will get you a Mystery Box randomly.

The Minting activities of the Double Treasury Box and the Triple Treasury Box will be held for a limited time, and the synthesis cost and currency ratio allocation will be dynamically operated.

The higher the level of the same color, the higher profit you will claim. Challenge yourself and good luck!

Gems of 100% texture enjoy the highest profit efficiency from daily exercise. After each exercise, the texture of gemstones will gradually decrease, and the profit generated will also gradually decrease. In order to maximize the use of gems, the best way is to repair gems frequently to improve the texture of gems to the best.

In short, you need STEPG to do all the things!

3. Purchase avatar NFT

The StepG sports platform has its own social function attributes. Users can purchase unique avatar NFT with STEPG Token, and all spent STEPG will be automatically transferred to the black hole and directly destroyed.

4. Create a sports group:

The creation of each sports group in the StepG sports platform requires the use of STEPG, and all the spent STEPG is automatically transferred to the black hole and directly destroyed.

5. Apply to be a comment expert

Apply to be a comment expert by sharing your ideas about various videos uploaded by other users to claim your exclusive rewards. Becoming a comment expert requires the use of STEPG, and all the spent STEPG is automatically transferred to the black hole and directly destroyed.

6. Activities:

Users participate all the special activities& airdrops using STEPG , and all spent STEPG will be automatically transferred to the black hole and directly destroyed.

Take the World Cup game mechanics in the sneaker project as an example:

Each activity is about a month long and requires the use of STEPG to opt into a faction.

StepG.App Tutorial for Sneakers

Similar to Play to Earn games, players need to purchase NFT to participate. Here at STEPG, users exercise and earn with sneakers NFT. The game is currently in internal testing. Users can purchase sneakers with SUPE equivalent to 500U (two types), 1000U and 2000U respectively, and the Happy Points they produce are 500, 1000, and 2500 respectively.


Each user can only own one sneaker, so choose carefully the one that suits you best!

▪The Happy Points generated by each sneaker is +1 Happy Points per step.

▪Each sneaker has a wear time of 100 days.

▪Only Flamingo sneakers can activate the double activation of Happy Points and upgrade the gameplay.

More features and gameplay will be expected in the next phase of the project.


Step 1. Download APP and register an account. You will play all games in this mailbox.( domain worth 125 million, available on Baidu Encyclopedia) You can either register a free account or a paid one.

Step 2. Log in to the official website with BSC chain wallet (TP wallet, Math wallet, etc.), switch to BSC mainnet, link the address, and bind your email.

Step 3. After the mailbox is successfully bound, you can purchase your sneakers with SUPE, which can be bought on Pancakeswap or Bitex.

BSC contract address: 0xb972c4027818223bb7b9399b3ca3ca58186e1590

After purchasing $supe, go back to the Supe Infinity homepage and click ‘Transfer to Game Wallet’;

4. Go back to the Supe Infinity homepage and click ‘StepG sneakers’ to select and purchase your favorite sneakers! There are four kinds of sneakers in total, and each user can only own one pair of sneakers!

5. After the purchase is successful, open the Game Mail mailbox and click on the upper left corner.

Remember to click "View today's steps" when you start running every day~

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